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    November 2014      



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Our Buddies One Eyed Willie and Einstein

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  January   July
8 Lisa Gardner 6 Bret Costa
10 Susan Walker 7 Richard Tincombe
21 Andy Lucas 8 Donald Ruelas
23 Susan Watts 18 Ashley Lucas
24 Dennis Thompson 21 David Nolen
  27 Norman Lear
    28 Amber
  February   August
1 Michael Watts 5 Tracy Willers
23 Jack Willers 16 Grandma Ruelas
    26 Steven Watts
    27 Tom Willers
  March   September
7 Brandi Nolen 9 Aston Lucas
14 Sandra Cooper 14 Joe Cullinan
16 Uncle Gus 18 Brandon Ashcraft
17 Suzy Reynolds 21 Wedding Anniversary
    30 Curtis Watts
  April   October
4 William Davies 1 Charles Elliot
13 Vivian Ruelas 11 Scott Cooper
21 Julie Watts 11 Jodi McCracken
21 Deborah Cooper 27 Mandy Cooper
25 Mark Willers 29 Summar Lucas
  May   November
3 Madilynn Nolen 8 Auntie Iris
20 Jamie Willers 10 Charleigh Gawler
23 Katie Walker 23 Joanie Thompson
30 Renee Gawler    
  June   December
2 Carol Tincombe 8 Denny Thompson
16 Victoria Melvin 16 Elaine Lucas
    17 Brenda Ulery
    17 Cameron Ulery
    26 Wyatt Thompson
    29 Uncle Wilbur
    29 Nick Walker


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