Cooper's Castle

Warrior Day 

These pictures are from Warrior Day which is an event on the base where 

military member's skills are tested in different combat areas. (April 2003)



This was the prize of the day, The Warrior Day Sword.  



There were many fans to support the teams from the different squadrons.



These photos feature "Team CES" as they go through the events, starting with the obstacle coarse.



After finishing the obstacle coarse it was on to self aid buddy care.



Where the team were evaluated on their response to injuries.  Then it was over to the knowledge bowl

 where the teams were asked questions on field skills.



Then it was the toughest challenge... the gas mask.  The teams were meet  by 

"Team Readiness."

SSgt James, SSgt Tourguson (our DPST Helpers), A1C Klinkenberg (Scott's troop)  and SSgt Cooper



They had 15 seconds to put on the mask.



Then they were graded for any mistakes. 



Then it was weapons skills and the fitness challenge which consisted of  push ups



sit ups and a 3k run.  



but in the end, it was CES that took home the "trophy."



Both of Deb's bosses were there to enjoy the challenges - Col Giroux and Col Hartford.   She works for the "Big Dogs."



Deb showed up and sported her war skills as well.  Now who gave her that bomb?



The whole thing was a big deal ... it was broadcasted over the local radio network,  AFN.  Even Rich Christie,

 the club manager, was there to show his support. 



Deb even got to visit with her old squadron buds in MSS.