Cooper's Castle

Las Vegas Trip 2001

These pictures are from our Las Vegas trip for Deb's birthday. 

Deb and Scott in front of Ceasar's Palace



Deb outside the MGM Grand Hotel


Inside the Bellagio Hotel



A fun time at the Excalibur Hotel, outside and in...


Don't Deb and Scott look cute?!



Deb & Scott outside the Rainforest Cafe and on the balcony of the Voodoo Lounge.



Lucy and Spanky (aka Deb & Jodi) together again at Studio 54.



What  was Johnny up to with those balloons????



Valerie & Greg                                                  Marcus & Tonia



Annie & Bano                                             Mark & Johnny


Deb's birthday dinner at the Brown Derby with all her good friends.


The limo ride home...



Elvis is alive and in Vegas....thank you, thank you very much!


All you can eat buffet.