Cooper's Castle

Universal Studios 07


These pictures are from Universal Studios Hollywood. (December 07)  

Universal Studios Hollywood.



Deb made friends with Curious George.  Mandy hid from Spongebob Squarepants.



We had a blast at the Animal Actors stage.



Brenda and Cameron with the Hulk.               Mandy saved Deb from Jaws.



Mandy met all of her Nick friends.



Brenda and Cameron swap roles in Bedrock.                                Scott and Mandy are on first name bases with Wolverine.



Shrek surprised Mandy.                                        The girls together for Christmas.



Scott and Mandy made a quick getaway from time traveling robots.



The Jurassic Park was crawling with dinosaurs.



The Mummy rollercoaster rocks.



The Blues Brothers Car.                       The new House of Horrors.


King Kong was feeling the Christmas spirit.


In the end Mandy was totally wore out.