Cooper's Castle

Survivor Azores


First we would like to thank Jeff and Heather Cook, and the guys from the shop for putting this

BBQ together for our going away. This was truly the best ever. (May 04)

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First every one gathered.



Messages were posted.



Food gathered.



Tribes from all over the island came.



To Eat.



To socialize. 



To hang out.



An then it started...



And who better to play Jeff from survivor other than Jeff Cook.


The tribes were chosen.



Scott's tribe (The Jose Silva's) and Deb's tribe (Sagresville)



First challenge to build your shelter. Scott's tribe won. The two voted off Bobby and Willie.



Next challenge get most flags without being knocked out of the lines.


This one got physical, but Scott's tribe again won. The next voted off  Aaron and Dawn.



Next challenge get water, Deb's tribe won this one.



Scott's tribe faced its first tribal counsel, and Kitz and Carroll were voted off.



Next challenge find food; they hide real food like fish, fruit, and clams



The tribes looked high and low but in the end Deb's tribe pulled off another win. 

Shartte and Lt Ceccoli  were voted off. and then the tribes merged



The next challenge endurance who could stand the longest on one leg. Johanna won amunity. 



and alliances were broken as Johanna turned and John Walker and Scott were voted out. 

but Scott would become the first member of the final jury.

Trivia quiz for the next challenge, Randy won the amunity necklace.



with the numbers game in the Sagresville tribe's court it was only a matter of time.


and the two remaining Jose Silva's tribe were voted off (Johanna and Johnny T.)


The food challenge was to eat local favorites such as Octopus tentacle, Pig's Ear and Cow's stomach.



Rich bowed out and left Randy and Gina to fight for amunity. 

Gina couldn't finish and Randy went through to vote Gina off



Now it was the jury who would decide the fate of Randy and Rich the final two.


The jury voted and Randy won the boat and Rich won the bag of rice.


Deb with her winning tribe member; as you can see this was the best going away ever.


Randy had a name plate engraved and gave the boat to us. It says

"Scott and Deb Cooper"

"Survivor Terceira 2004"

"Going Away Party"

"Best Wishes"


Scott also had the flags of the two tribes framed with a name plate 

that says "Survivor Farewell 2004"


My apologies for all the people who did not get photographed as most of the photos were of the game.

But a big thanks to Jeff and Heather for making the survivor theme such a big hit. 

Thanks to the guys in the shop for cooking the burgers and dogs

And Now The Tribe Has Spoken!