Cooper's Castle

Sulfur Pits & Cave

We went to the sulfur pits and the caves near by for the last time since our days are  

getting short on the island. (May 04)

The sulfur pits are pretty can see the steam come up out of the ground.



Some of the holes go quite deep.



The steam is very enough that some of the locals cook food in the ground.



You can see steam vents all around.


Then it was off to Algar do carvao.



As you can see Deb and Scott were in rare form.



Deep into the cave they went.


To where it opens up and you can see the sky.



Then even deeper still.



This is one of the most beautiful sites on the island.



Lots of neat formations.



Minerals and water.



At the very bottom is  a lake which is hard to see in the picture on the left, and the right is the view back up.


And yes, the van is still going strong.