Cooper's Castle



( 15 year old Mini Doxi)

Our family buddy.

Scott calls him " Head of Security"


Our pride and joy...driving and lizard hunting.


They were serving up hotdogs at the base on 4th of July 03.



Scott's dog Before Winston.



Scott grew up with Toby as a teenager.                                Scott had Bumps when they moved to America.

Both English Springer Spaniels were great dogs that are missed.


Wyatt's little Buddy



Cooper Clan Bryceville, Florida



Scott's Dad and Sandra's Dog... Ben


(Mr. and Mrs. Lear's)



Katie is a sweetheart

(The Lear dog)


Col Giroux's Pets



Col and Mrs. Giroux's  prize hunting dog, Bridgett, and their Spanish speaking parrot, Cara.



Please send your pet pictures to us with what you want them to say

 and we will post them.