Cooper's Castle

    Mandy's Birthday 08   

These pictures are of Mandy's 4th Birthday.

    It was a Halloween-themed party which seemed to be a hit.



Deb and and her friend, Tami, made all Halloween-themed food for the party.



  The food was a big hit along with the decorations.



 We didn't think we were going to fit everyone in the house. 



We had a magic and balloon show for the kids.



He does a lot of the local events and is a big hit with kids.



and the adults too.


Balloon Time!


Mandy with her pink snail.



 Everyone was enjoying the show.



Mandy's favorite part of her party--the birthday song.



Everyone seemed to have a great time.



Mandy got a lot of great gifts 



Even Winston had a great time (begging for food).



The only two parents that dressed up and their two princess daughters.



Mandy and all her friends had a great time.