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    Mandy's Page   

This page is for our baby girl Mandy, so we can keep people updated with pictures.



Mandy lost both her top teeth...we call her our little monkey vampire.


Mandy with all her Kindergarden friends at the NC Zoo.


Mandy lost her first tooth and now has her first adult smile!


Mandy fighting Darth Maul ..."Our Little Jedi"




Mandy's Christmas Photos 2008



Mandy and her heroes.


Mandy with Giga and Grandpa


Mandy with the Easter Bunny 2007



Mandy went to Universal Studios Hollywood and meet Dora, Diego, Shrek and Donkey




Mandy Pictures


Mandy and Tigger at her first Disney trip.



Mandy eating her first dinner by herself.                                                                 Mandy all dressed up.



Here is Mandy in her little pool.                                                                             Mandy gone alien.



Here are some shots of our baby girl.




From when she was born, to when we brought her home.



From her first bath, which she didn't care too much for.



To where now she likes them.




Her first Christmas and Easter.


She has had plenty of guests.



 Her Great Grandma Ruelas



and her Grandma Ruelas.


Grandpa and Grandma Cooper



Grandma Thompson                                        Grandpa and Grandma Slack



Aunt Susie and her cousins Nick and Katie




Our little Mandy.