Cooper's Castle

Jimmy Buffett Party

These pictures are from our Jimmy Buffett Party (Aug 03). 

As you can see the Azores has parrot heads too.


First came the setup, then the food and then the people.



Bouncy castle and many decorations were part of the atmosphere.


Tattoos and beads were given to all that showed.



There was booze in the blender as the bar was open all night.



Everyone seemed to have a good time.




Prizes were given to best Jimmy Buffett attire... Rich Christie and Martha Mitchell were winners.



As well as Donna Giroux.   Even though Ken Eveland did not win, everyone got a good laugh from his costume.





Carol & Rich                                                                    Randy & Patricia


John & Nancy                                             Elsa & Chris


The Lofland Family                                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Giroux



Col Giroux & Donna                            Lt Col Reynolds & Suzie   


The Murray Family                                                 Amy & Billy


Monica & Bryan                                            Tia & Steve



Tina & Mike Lake                                           Lt Col Watkins & Ann



The Logsdon Family                                    The Gonzalez Family                                        The Walker's



Jodi                                                             Carmen                                              Nicole


Ken & Betsy                                          Mr. & Mrs. Eveland


The Gunn Family                                                               Heather & Jeff



The Casserly's                              The Torres Family                                             The Pelletiers



The party was a great success....and finally a time for Scott and Deb to enjoy it.


The party die-hards.                                                           John took care of all the extra beer.


 A good time was had by all the diehards.







The game of Washer's surfaced a very cool party game.



The head parrot head Rich Christie.




Jimmy Buffett stop by to sing a song later that night.... Naaa!! Just Kiddin!!!