Cooper's Castle

Italy Trip

These  pictures are from our Italy trip in September. They are kind of fuzzy but we should have some better ones to post later.  It was a great trip celebrating our 1 year anniversary and belated honeymoon.

Deb and Scott in Capri


Deb in Capri                           Scott in Capri

Deb and Scott in front of the Colosseum

Inside the Colosseum

Gladiator Cooper and friends outside the Colosseum


Castel Saint Angelo

The Roman Forum


       Scott wearing his lovely paper pants that he purchased for $5 to be able to get into the Vatican

SHOCKER : I was wearing shorts

Deb in front of the Vatican

The Trevi Fountain (Very Impressive)

Deb at a museum (so many there I forgot which one)

Deb intensely studying the artwork at another museum