Cooper's Castle

    Incirlik Turkey       


This was our home for 2 years while we lived at Incirlik Turkey.



Our gardeners Teken and Rejept ( I miss those guys)                     and Mrs. Rose our housekeeper





Our backyard with the Tiki Bar



How we miss our Tiki Bar.



Our guest the hedgehog that showed up one night to the Tiki Bar.




From trips to  Kizkalesi in Turkey.  



to Black Castle



into the caves of Cappadocia 



To the famous Alley



Incirlik was a quite little town.



Burak and our friends from the the Turkish Bazaar



The guys from Mujdat's (Great Food)



Scott's Barber Abdulla             and George and the General who ran the Massage Spa



To my buddies from Blade Tailoring (Jason Rocks)                 and the upholstery guy



Fuat's watch for all your Watch and Knife need's



Aqualand water park that Mandy loved.



Pirates Birthdays and visits from Santa


and making the house scary for Halloween. 

We had a great time living in Turkey


Winston enjoyed the sun the most.


Turkey was great place to see lots of history, nice people and great food.

We will always have great memories of Turkey