Cooper's Castle

    Haunted House In The Azores   



These pictures are from the Haunted House in the Azores. 

(October 2003) 

This was the second year Scott got to head up his squadron's  portion of the Haunted House

at Lajes and it was bigger and better than ever.


Scott  played two characters this time... the Faceless Ghoul (left) and the Vampire from last year (right).



These pictures are the before and after shots of the construction.

Before                                           (The Psycho Barn)                     After



Before                                            (The Haunted Forrest)                     After



Before                                            (The Graveyard)                     After



Don't get caught alone in the graveyard at night.



Now you know why we call it the Psycho Barn.




Monsters from the Haunted Forrest 



Monsters from the Graveyard


We won 4 awards for our efforts" Best Overall," "Best Props," " Best Makeup" and" Most Original."

All the money made went to the Lajes Youth program.


Here are some of the other squadrons sections.


Another graveyard... who knew Lajes had so many.



The Dungeon





The Transportation Guys


This group spawned their room off of the movie "The Ring"





Wild animals on the loose in this room.



This room had a Texas Chainsaw theme to it.




All in all everyone had a fun time for a good cause.