Cooper's Castle

Grandma's 80th Birthday

These pictures are from our trip to California for

Deb's Grandma's 80th Birthday (August 05). 




The Birthday Girl




The place was a really nice Mexican restaurant.



It had live dancing and music.



Mandy loved the music



Donald and Grandma



Deb's Mom & Sister Susie                                                               Pelon and Rita



Dina, Ronald & Robin                                                   Ronnie Jr and Deb's Mom



More Family and Friends



More Family and Friends



More dancing and music



Gift time for Grandma                                                                      Grandma scores chocolate



Ronnie Jr. and Scott                                                                                   Grandma and Deb



Grandma and her grandchildren                        Susie, Donald & Nick



                                                        Katie                                                                          Mandy finally realized .....


Yes, the party  was finally over and she didn't get any chocolate cake.