Cooper's Castle

    Gartenschau Park 09   

Germany has a cool park called Gartenschau... it is full of dinosaurs and fun things to do.



Mandy with the statues.



Flowers were awesome.



Mandy wanted to call Grandma Thompson (GiGa).



The biggest kids slide I have ever seen.



Look out for that T-rex!  Too late... it ate Mandy.







More Dinos!!!!!



    Ever More Dinos!!!!!



Mandy figured she would rest here.




What is that... a Tiki??? Let's go see.



View from the top and coming back down.



The water play area



Mandy wanted to put her feet in this fountain because she saw some other kid do it.



This was the second time we went which was Deb's first day out.



Deb looked so much better.