Cooper's Castle

Friends & Family

These pages are for pictures of our friends & family in Florida.


Dennis & Joan Thompson (Scott's Parents)

Two Jaguar fans showing their holiday cheer. 


Dave & Sandra Cooper (Scott's Parents)


 Savannah, Melissa, Denny (Scott's Step Brother), and Wyatt.



Deb, Uncle Paul & Aunt Kathy


Aunt Iris & Uncle Wilber Wilkerson (Scott's Aunt & Uncle)



David and Rosie Wilkerson.                                                               Dale and Ryan Wilkerson.



Tara (Tonja's Sister) & Tonja  Combs (aka: Tonja Bass)



Lil Troy,  Holly & Troy Purvis                                            Charles Elliot say's " Drink Pepsi"     



Bret and Victoria Costa and Poppy the super bird.


Lisa Harvey (a.k.a. Gardner) and Rebecca Withers (a.k.a. Brannon)




The Higher's, Jeff and Sheila (a.k.a. Sheila Santini) and their children Emily and Christy 

One of the Baldwin Indian alumni..... Go Indians!



Please send us pictures!!!