Cooper's Castle

    Florida Trip   

These pictures are from our trip to Florida. (July 2004)


Clark's Fish Camp


Dad and Sandra always take Scott to one of his favorite restaurants in Jacksonville.

Clark's Fish Camp... check out the view. 



Sandra and Dad enjoying the sights at Clark's.


Clark's is a seafood restaurant but has an animal theme to it. This scene is Florida wildlife. 


This scene is Africa wildlife. I left these photos big so you could see the different animals.


Ahh... the famous Florida Wooly Booger.



As you can see Clark's has all kinds of neat stuff to look at.



Not to worry though, they do not hunt the animals you see. They are donated after they pass away.


The sponge guy!!! Look out!!!


St Augustine Trip

We always take a trip to St Augustine. Here is the Castillo De San Marcos

which was built by the Spanish.


St George Street is a great place for shopping.