Cooper's Castle

    Florida Trip   

These pictures are from our trip to Florida. (October 2003)


Family Get Together


Dennis and Mom                                                                             Sandra and Dad



It was great to see everyone together. 


As you can see there is never a shortage of food at these events.



Scott's Dad and Sandra



Uncle Wilbur and Aunt Iris                                             Jodie and Aunt Lily



Pammy, Wyatt and Denny                                          Dale and Ryan


Devina, Ryan and Devin


Pammy, Deb and Tonya                                                                Scott and Troy


Scott's cousins, Steven and Susan, from England were able to make it.


Hanging with Mr. Cooper


Dad and Sandra                                                                                    Becca, Travis and Brooklyn


Father and son ...... these two don't look alike.



Scott's step brother Travis's little girl Brooklyn a.k.a. Strawberry Shortcake.



The pool is a must in the Florida heat .                                         Dad's new pet.

Trip to St Petersburg


Deb,  Bret and Victoria at St. John's Pass. 



And a visit to the weiners and Poppy in his mansion.



Count'em... five wiener dogs!!!



Scott's 32nd Birthday at Ruby Tuesdays

Scott and Deb and the cake



Good turn out of family and friends



Scott's Parents



Lisa (Gardner) and Rebecca (Brannon)                                 Tara, Charles, Tonya and Troy