Cooper's Castle

Disneyland Paris 09



Our trip to Disneyland Paris 2009.



The park was in full swing for Halloween.



There were pumpkin people all over.



Mandy met Mickey and then it was down Main Street.



Mary Poppins show.                                                       Halloween photo shot



More Halloween people.




   Pirates of the Caribbean ride



Dumbo                                              Capt Nemo's Submarine


Day 2 Mandy was ready to hit Walt Disney Studios (The other Disney Park).



Many characters to be found like Daisy and Pluto



Many singing in the rain.                                                          And who else but Remi to find in France


The Car parade started with Mickey and Minnie leading.



Woody & Jessie                                                             Snow White



Sully  & Ariel



Mulan                                                                                                  Donald & Daisy



Mary Poppins                                                            Aladdin & Jasmine



Lilo & Stitch                                           The Villains




The guys from Cars                                                                       Herbie



The cast from Monster's Inc.


Mandy & Minnie


Day 3 back to Disneyland


What lurks under the castle? The Dragon!!!!



More Halloween People!



We took Mandy to a character lunch and she had the time of her life.



She got to eat and play with Mickey, Daisy & Pluto



Cards from Alice in Wonderland.                                                  Goofy


We had the best time in the Disneyland Paris Parks. It was a taste of home.


Disney through your child's eyes is a whole new experience. (still true)