Cooper's Castle

    Desert Museum   

These photos are from when Scott's Dad and Sandra went to the Arizona Sonora

Desert Museum. (November 04)

Scott's Dad and Sandra at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum.



The Mountain Lions were very active this day.



and so were the Havelinas (desert  pigs).


Scott's Dad wanted some rocks for his garden and Sandra was his lookout.




These photos are from when Scott's parents and cousins from England went to the 

Arizona Sonora Desert Museum. (September 04)


Desert Museum is more of an outside zoo. Lots to see with great landscape.



Scott's parents and cousins from England came for a visit to Tucson and went to the Desert Museum.



Scott's Mom and Carol head into the cave exhibit. It is really cool inside.


Deb calls this particular photo "one small, medium and large."



Minerals found in Arizona. Richard and Dennis prevent a cave in.




Scott digs for fossils... but beware of spiders!!!



Mountain Lion and Desert Wolf



Prairie Dogs


Havelinas (desert  pigs) A family -- Mom, Dad and two babies.



Bobcats and Big Horn Sheep



They had a really cool humming bird exhibit.