Cooper's Castle

    Cappadocia Trip 2009!!!      

Cappadocia was very cool. It was like something from Raiders of the Lost Ark!!!



Day 1 we went to the Underground City



Heading down into the city



Our tour guide knew a lot about the city.                                                    Mandy was having second thoughts



Each room was different and had its own uses.                                   A lot of the tunnels were a tight fight as you can see Mandy had to duck.



We went with an old friend Diamond Dave Gallagher and his girlfriend Danielle.                    It was a base trip so everyone was from Incirlik.



Mandy giving Daddy a kiss.                                                   Dave found a place to chill. 



More rooms.


This was the well, we never saw the bottom of it.



Out tour guide explained how there were many levels.                          You can see the one below where he was standing.



It was cold and very deep.



The people that lived here would use these giant stone wheels to seal off tunnels when they were being attacked.


A good family shot.



This was used to grind gun powder.                       Another room in the underground.



A view from the topside. The city was very interesting.

We were only allowed to see 10% of the city as most of it was off limits or unsafe.




The local shops selling Turkish goods.


Then it was on to lunch and this was the view from our restaurant.



Lunch was very good. It was buffet style Turkish food



We love the food here in Turkey



This was the view outside the restaurant.



Scott & Mandy                                                                                                         Dave Gallagher



It was nice just looking around.



Next was the Open Air Museum



Deb going in.                                                                                                 Deb & Danielle.



Lots of places to see and explore.



You can get a great workout going in and out of all the places.



The artwork in the churches was neat to see.



More inside photos


It is amazing when you think of how old it is.



Mandy kept busy with Deb finding different place to see.



They had military there to take care of it.



On to the carpet factory to see the dye pots and materials to make carpets.



They showed how to get silk from silk worm eggs.



and then how they make the handmade rugs.


of course they were selling the rugs too. Anyone want a $54,000 silk carpet? Yes I said $54,000.



Would you buy a rug from these two?



Finally we hit our hotel for a break before the evening kicked off.



It was a nice place made to look like a cave.



We welcomed the break.



We went to the "Turkish Nights" show.  We saw the Whirling Dervishes



They did all kinds of cultural dances.



They had these strange belly guys that scared Mandy.



They finished with a belly dancer... she was awesome.


She pulled people from the crowd to dance with here.


Day 2 was more shopping and making our way back


The first stop we saw the camel rock formation.



More shopping


One of the Cappadocia souvenirs.


Mandy got her ride on a Turkish camel.



It was neat watching her on the camel



She had a great time and made a new friend.


Cappadocia was something we will remember for the rest of our lives.

Truly something to see