Cooper's Castle

California Trip

These pictures are from our trip to California (January 03). 



Vivian & Deb                                                                      Lisa, Tiffany, Deb & Dave



Brenda, Deb & Cameron                                                      John & Aunt MaryLou


Jodi, Deb & Bano



The missing 5th Beatle, Dave and his protigee, Fanny



The Ruelas Clan



Rita & Pelon                                                                               Robin & Dina


Party Girl Grandma




Deb's wonderful staff at the Lear Household


Julie, Lyn, Deb & Kay


Julie, Deb, Christa, Jean & Jennifer



Deb & Diane                                                                    Oscar's won by MGM



Mom and her eating partner                                                                        Deb & Scott