Cooper's Castle


These are pictures of Terceira Island where we were stationed.

Everyone asks us," where is the Azore?" so here is a map to show you the tiny island.

As you can see, it is located smack dab in the middle of the Atlantic.



These are the two towns on the island Angra (left) and Praia (right).


Here is Lajes Field.



Deb and Winston in Praia


This is the walking street in Praia.



Praia harbor... Big in the summertime.



Island Landscape



There are several farms on the island like these ones.



Farms are all over the island.




Here are some churches on the island.  They also have smaller "spirit houses" throughout the island.



A island house              The statue of Mary that overlooks Praia.



Street bullfights are big on the island but they don't hurt the bull. 

They just run from it. It's pretty funny to watch when you're not the runner.




COWS....COWS....and more COWS!!!



Typical island traffic and the Hydrangea flower that blooms for one month only in July...they are so 

beautiful and cover the a good part of the island.


Great views where ever you go on the island.



Being an island, seafood is big part of the food here.



Weather on the island can get very temperamental. Cold rain and 60mph winds

one day, bright sunshine the next. We've filmed some great waves that came crashing

down as we looked out from our balcony (March 9th, 2003). Keep in mind these are 20 to 30 foot


 This truck looks like a hedgehog.


The island from the water..