Cooper's Castle

Animal Kingdom 2012

These pictures are from our trip to Animal Kingdom (July 2012).



We cut through Asia to get to Dinoland where Deb and Mandy met up with Pluto and Goofy.



 We went to Rainforest Cafe in the park for lunch and shopping.



On safari with Mandy Cooper.



The rainforest fountain.




back on the trail.



  Mandy with Minnie and Donald



  Mandy with Uncle Louie and Baloo and Mickey   




The Jamming Jungle parade




all kinds of animal props.



Mandy got a hug from Briar Rabbit



a lot of Disney characters in this parade.


The end of the parade.



Mandy met Doug and Russell, and also Raffiki.



on the safari ride



A quick shot of the new baby elephant they had.                This giant toad had Mandy's attention.


By the look on Mandy's face you can see she had a great time.