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    Alligator Farm 04   

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Here are some photos from our trip to the Alligator Farm in St Augustine, Florida. (July 04)

Welcome to the Alligator Farm.



Scott's Dad and his friends Charles and Tonya and her son Little Troy joined us.



Wow!!! Albino Alligators... they look like white chocolate. 



The alligator feeding show.


Bite power!!!



Gomek forever exhibit;  he was the largest croc in captivity when he was alive.


Scott's Dad at the Gomek forever exhibit. 


The new croc they are grooming to take Gomek's spot " Maximo."

He is 15ft long and 1,250 pounds; almost there.

The swamp has loads of  birds that have made their homes there.



A lot of the birds had babies.



The swamp was full of alligators.


Gators, Gators, Everywhere.


The caiman only get about 4 feet long but check out those teeth..