Cooper's Castle

    Air Force Photos   

Career Photos from Scott's 20 years in the Air Force.


 Sep 1991- Oct 2011



Making the decision to join the Air Force.



Basic Training



SP School at Lackland, TX



Fort Dix, NJ - Air Base Ground Defense training.


Lakenheath, UK


Cop Buddies in England



The best part of my career was playing football for the Air Force overseas


Lakenheath Eagles - UK Champs


Farewell to England


New Job - New Tech School



Emergency Management



MacDill AFB, Fl and my first desk.



Made the papers.



made the papers again.



First deployment to Bahrain


Airmen Leadership School



Vandenberg AFB, CA



Space and Missile Country



First helicopter ride and met my lovely wife Deb.


Launch time


\Lajes Field, Azores - Great times and great friends



Good times



Davis Monthan AFB, AZ  - My daughter Mandy was born.


Scott won the base Hammer throw



Deployed to Iraq



More Iraq


It was that bad.



Deployed to Afghanistan



deployed with the Army and was the best deployment ever



Coaching kids football was a blast, getting to coach my daughter was the best.



Incirlik, Turkey



More Turkey


I love this photo.


Cooper Family at Scott's Retirement.